History Books in the Anglo-Norman World Conference

22-23 May 2015
Trinity College Dublin

Call for Papers

Amongst the key sources for medieval history are the manuscripts in which medieval writers recorded their views of the past. These documents provide historians with more information than simply their textual content. The layout, decoration, script and annotations often provide insights into why a work was copied and how it was used. The twelfth century saw a boom in historical writing dealing with the recent past and stretching back to the biblical narrative. New chronicles and annals were produced, together with accounts of the histories of particular peoples, nations and places. This two-day conference will bring together scholars working on Anglo-Norman history books from a range of disciplinary perspectives to discuss the many ways in which these books can be read. The focus will be on works produced in areas controlled by the king of England between c.1066 and c.1300.

Topics covered might include, but are not limited to:

– The creation, circulation and reception of manuscripts containing material about history
– The organisation, layout and combination of texts within manuscripts dealing with history
– The use of decoration in historical manuscripts
– The contexts in which historical manuscripts were used and preserved
– The role of manuscripts in determining historical records and shaping attitudes to the past

Abstracts of no more that 300 words for papers of 20 minutes should be sent to Laura Cleaver at cleaverl@tcd.ie by the 12th September 2014.
This conference is organised as part of the ‘History Books in the Anglo-Norman World’ research project, which is funded by a Marie Curie Actions Grant (2011-15).

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