Nordic Research Network Glasgow 2016

Nordic Research Network Glasgow 2016 — Bridges Between: Norse and Insular Worlds 500-1500

Glasgow, 4 May 2016


This interdisciplinary day conference presented by The Nordic Research Network at the University of Glasgow welcomes contributions from postgraduates and early-career researchers to explore the topic of “Bridges Between: Norse and Insular Worlds in the period c. 500 – 1500 A.D.”

The theme of the conference is “Bridges”, and we welcome papers (<20min) which explore the relationships which emphasise connections, interactions, and interfaces within the wider Norse world. This conference hopes to break new ground in discussing how these “bridges” developed over a thousand year period, going beyond the traditional historical boundaries. We also seek contributions which aim to build interdisciplinary bridges between research traditions and academic institutions.

If you are interested in participating, please submit a 200 word abstract and a <50 word bio to by January 15th 2016.

Potential topics may include (but are not limited to):

– Norse Archaeology in the Insular region or Insular influences in the Norse-speaking world.

– Linguistic and Onomastic interactions and changes.

– The Scandinavian origins of the Anglo-Saxons.

– The historical influence of the Scandinavians in Britain during the later medieval period.

– Interactions between the Norse and the natural environment.

– Contacts between the Norse and indigenous peoples throughout the North Atlantic.

– Bridging archaeometric analysis with a theoretical framework.

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