Antonella UNDIEMI, Per un corpus delle epigrafi età normanna (secoli X-XII)

Antonella Undiemi, Per un corpus delle epigrafi età normanna (secoli X-XII), Thèse de doctorat soutenue en 2014, (dir. N. Giovè, F. De Rubeis, Université de Padoue)


Résumé/abstract :


The object of this research concerns the realization of a corpus of Latin epigraphs which were produced in northern France, England and southern Italy (specifically in Apulia and Sicily), that is in the main areas involved in the Norman expansion in Europe between X and XII century. The thesis consists of two parts developed into two volumes: the first one contains considerations emerged from the analysis of inscriptions, while the second one is the catalogue of sources. The first volume provides the historical context within which the epigraphic sources were produced, taking account of cultural aspects; it describes the corpus considering the different typologies of inscriptions and finally it dedicates a significant part to the writing, focusing on the paleographical analysis of epigraphs. The corpus collects 114 records: 43 in northern France, 26 in England and 45 in southern Italy. In order to analyze the inscriptions, it has been followed the methodology used for the latest volume of the Inscriptiones Medii Aevi Italiae (IMAI).

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