Post-Doctoral research fellowship attached to the project “Using the Past in the Past. Viking Age Scandinavia as a Renaissance?”

University of Oslo, Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History

A post-doctoral Research Fellowship (SKO 1352) in the project “Using the Past in the Past. Viking Age Scandinavia as a Renaissance?” is available at the Department of Archaeology, Conservation and History (IAKH), University of Oslo.

The project explores how and why the past was used in Viking Age Scandinavia, the 9th to mid-11th century AD: how past monuments and artefacts were recycled materially and referentially in this period; the different strategies of constructing places for commemoration; and the choice of objects to be preserved through the centuries to enhance new interpretational frames of utilizing the past in the past. This was a central, active element in the mentality and world-view, and took shape in political and social processes in diverging scales and forms.

Applicants are to submit a research proposal concerning recycling of material culture of the past in the Viking Age, using for example the reiteration of grave monuments at settlements; the reuse of burial grounds; landscape analyses of central places; the raising of rune stones as a means of creating places for commemoration; or the utilisation of antique artefacts and objects that stylistically referred to previous centuries in the Viking Age as a means of examining social and cultural changes in the Viking Age. The research proposal must outline plans for dissemination in international, academically recognised journals.

Application deadline: 23 January 2017

For more information and how to apply:

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