Patzuk-Russell Ryde, The development of education and Grammatica in Medieval Iceland

Patzuk-Russell Ryde, The development of education and Grammatica in Medieval Iceland, Thèse de doctorat soutenue en 2017 (University of Birmingham)

Résumé/abstract :

This study explores how education and the medieval intellectual and pedagogical discipline of grammaticalgrammaticaldeveloped in Iceland during the medieval period, defined roughly from the official conversion to Christianity c.1000 to the Reformation c.1550, The first chapter deals with social, institutional, and financial aspects of teaching and learning in medieval Iceland, surveying key figures and places, but also arguing that more attention shoulder be paid to the costs of learning and the effect of that on poor students. The second chapter addresses Latin education, discussing the importance of Latinity in medieval Iceland and the types of education that would involve Latin. It also addresses the idea of bilingual education and suggests ways in which extant venacular writings can provide evidence for how Latin was taught and learned using the vernacular, using the model of Old English bilingual education. Finally, the third chapter addresses vernacular topics of learning, focusing on the development of a venacular grammaticalgrammatical which is focused on the interpretation and normalization of Old Norse texts, rather than the understanding and use of Latin. Discussing these three components of educational history together is fundamental to understanding the intellectual and pedagogical dynamics behind the extant medieval Icelandic textual corpus.

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