Haskins Society Virtual Conference

 Call for Papers

Haskins Society Virtual Conference

31 October – 1 November 1, 2020

Because of the extreme uncertainty and significant travel restrictions resulting from Covid-19, the Council of the Haskins Society decided to host this year’s annual conference online. This new format has led us to concentrate the conference on two days rather than our usual three, and to host conference activities in a narrower range of time during each day so that members in a variety of different time zones may participate. While we will miss the opportunities to meet and discuss in person, we are also excited to explore the possibilities of this online context. We look forward to the intellectual exchange and opportunities to meet and support young scholars.

The Haskins Society invites proposals for presentations on any topic related to the history and cultures of peoples in northwest Europe in the early and central middle ages, and their encounters with societies in the Mediterranean, the Baltic and the larger medieval world. The Society has a longstanding tradition of encouraging interdisciplinary exchange, and so papers from all disciplines are encouraged.

We welcome submissions of two kinds:

 15 minute papers to be presented in a traditional panel format. We will also consider submissions of complete panels (usually 3 papers and a chair);

 5-minute flash presentations concerning new research questions and projects. In this forum the focus will be on maximizing feedback, discussion, and scholarly connections.


In addition to these sessions, the Society is pleased to announce that our meeting will feature:

 A plenary address by Carl Watkins (University of Cambridge)

 A workshop on medieval manuscripts led by Lisa Fagin Davis (Medieval Academy of America)

 Professional development events

 An opportunity to connect with Haskins members and friends around the world

For all presentations, please submit a 250 word abstract and c.v. to haskinsconference@gmail.com and indicate whether your submission is for a 15-minute paper or for a 5-minute new research presentation. If you are proposing a full panel, please include these materials with a coversheet indicating the title of the panel, participants, and a brief rationale for its composition.

The deadline for all submissions is Monday, August 25, 2020.


The Denis Bethell Prize 2020

(COVID-19 edition)

The Haskins Society is delighted to announce the continuation of the Bethell Prize this year despite the interruptions to our conference schedule due to the COVID 19 crisis. Our eligibility guidelines have changed to reflect this year’s challenges. The prize is US $500 (or the sterling equivalent) and publication of a revised version of the winning paper in the Haskins Society Journal for the year when the paper was presented. (Following standard academic practice, the editors of the HSJ may request that the author make further revisions prior to publication.)

All conference papers submitted and accepted by early career scholars (graduate students or non-tenured faculty), who are Haskins Society members, at any session sponsored by the Society during the 12 months of the membership calendar year are eligible – even if those conference papers could not be given because of the COVID crisis.

Besides the Haskins Society Conference itself, accepted papers for Haskins-sponsored sessions at the American Historical Association conference, the annual conference of the Medieval Academy of America, the annual International Medieval Congress at Kalamazoo, and the annual International Medieval Conference at Leeds are also eligible venues. The author of the paper must be a member of the Haskins Society. (Prospective presenters may consult the Society’s treasurer about membership; note that the Society has a special student rate.)

Please contact Laura Gathagan, the Bethell Prize Coordinator, for details. (laura.gathagan@cortland.edu)


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