Yeast for Change. Vikings and their impact on Medieval Europe, Conference 21-22 May 2015, Wrocław, Poland

Yeast for Change. Vikings and their impact on Medieval Europe

Conference 21-22 May 2015, Wrocław, Poland

In European historiography it is customary to see beginning of the Viking Age in the year 793, when a group of Norwegians came on their drakkar and plundered holy monastery on the island of Lindisfarne. Two years later similar event happened once more, this time on more grandious scale: Norwegian ships attacked several insular monasteries repeating previous success and opening the gate for the future similar activities in whole Europe.

Year 2015 will be 1219 years since these events happened, so even if it is not round number it is a good occasion for gathering on the conference about Scandinavians which were moving around making not only usual Viking stuff – plundering and killing – but, as we can see it now more clearly, introducing changes into societies they were encountering. In the conference we would like to summarise decades of research and try to give an answer to the question:

What kind of impact Vikings and their descendants had on Europe during the long Viking Age?

It is an important question as those hundred years of Scandinavian attacks and colonisation were a time when Europe was in the process of creation. Scandinavians were effective warriors, but also effective tradesmen, creators of states and talented artisans. In these capacities they influenced many societies at which they were appearing and where they left still visible traces.

The planned conference will concentrate on topics like political organizations, economics, crafts, language and art. Looking again at the topic of our conference it can be defined best as “from the Vikings to the Crusaders”, but we do not want to repeat the title of the renowned exhibition and publication (1992). Over 22 years have passed since that event came out a lot of new information and studies resulting from archaeological research, especially in Central Europe.

We would like to make this conference to a meeting of scholars working not only with the “Viking Age” but with scholars interested in mentioned topics in their countries.

Deadline for registration of the paper is 1.04.2015


Organized by:

Centre for Late Antique and Early Medieval Studies of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences in Wrocław

Department of Archaeology and Anthropology of the Pułtusk Academy of Humanities

Institute of History of the University of Wrocław


Scientific Committee:

Prof. Dr. Andrzej Buko

Prof. Dr. Władysław Duczko

Prof. Dr. Sławomir Moździoch

Prof. Dr. Przemysław Wiszewski

Dr. Błażej Stanisławski


Organizing Committee:

Dr. Błażej Stanisławski

Anna Kubicka

Anna Czerepok

Joanna Orłowska

Olga Węglarz

Oskar Struzik

Tomasz Pełech

Konrad Szymański



All speakers are requested to observe a 20 minute limit for presented papers. Presentations will be given as Power Point presentations.


Abstracts and registration:

Abstracts must be written in English and should be approximately 3000 characters in length (Title 200 characters).

Submission of abstracts: From 1 January to 1 April of 2015

The registration fee for speakers is 50 €.

All amounts are payable in Euro (€). All bank charges must be paid by the participants.

Registration fees can be paid on the bank account (PL 55 1240 1040 1111 0010 5540 0829) of the Centre for Late Antique and Early Medieval Studies of the Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences

Once payment has been made, no refund will be given.


How to come:

The Organizing Committee cordially invite you to come to Wroclaw – the captivating city in the South-West Poland, the centre of science and culture. More information about the city at

By car: The highway E 40 (A4)

By train: The connections with Warsaw, Dresden, Berlin, Hamburg, Kiev, Lviv and via Warsaw with Moscow, more international and local connections of Polish railway at

By plane: Airport Wroclaw ( – the connections (with cheap airlines: Wizzair and Ryanair, and LOT, Lufthansa and Qatar Airlines) with Warsaw and Germany, England, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and charter airlines with Turkey, Greece, Italy and Spain; and many air connections via air ports in Warsaw, Poznan, Katowice and Kraków



Wroclaw is offering the different kinds of accommodation. More information at



Dr. Błażej Stanisławski,

Institute of Archaeology and Ethnology Polish Academy of Sciences,

Więzienna St. 6, 50-118 Wrocław, Poland

Tel. +48 71 344 16 08, Fax +48 71 344 33 52



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