S. Kalmring, Towns and Commerce in Viking-Age Scandinavia

Sven Kalmring, Towns and Commerce in Viking-Age Scandinavia, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press, 2024.

Résumé de l’éditeur : The Viking Age, from c.750 to 1050 CE, was an era of major social change in Scandinavia. By the end of this period of sweeping transformation, Scandinavia, once a pagan periphery, had been firmly integrated into occidental Europe. Archaeological remains offer evidence of this process, which included and intertwined with Christianisation, state formation, and the dawn of urbanisation in Scandinavia. In this volume, Sven Kalmring offers an interdisciplinary and geographically wide-ranging approach to understanding the emergence of towns and commerce in Viking-age Scandinavia and their eventual demise by the end of the period. Using the towns of Hedeby, Birka, Kaupang, and Ribe as case studies, he also tracks the diverging characteristics of these urban communities against the background of traditional social structures in the Viking world. Instead of tracing the results of Viking Age urbanisation, or mapping that process by establishing economic networks, Kalmring focusses on the very reasons behind the emergence of towns, and their eventual decline.

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Rédaction (2023, 14 décembre). S. Kalmring, Towns and Commerce in Viking-Age Scandinavia. Mondes nordiques et normands médiévaux. Consulté le 13 juin 2024, à l’adresse https://doi.org/10.58079/rj0p

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