Institute of History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences

Institute of History of Material Culture, Russian Academy of Sciences

Directeur/Director : Nikolayevich Nosov Evgeny (

Coordonnées/Contact details : Институт истории материальной культуры, Российская академия наук,  Дворцовая наб., 18, 191186 Россия. С.-Петербурцовая наб.

Description :

Scientific activities at the IHMC include the study of a wide range of archaeological cultures of  Stone Age Eurasia (Department of Archaeology of the Paleolithic);the  study of early agricultural and urban civilizations of Central Asia,  Caucasus and Middle East, as well as archaeological cultures of the Eurasian steppe (Department of Archaeology of Central Asia and the Caucasus); the study of the Greek-barbarian contacts in the Northern Black Sea (Department of History of ancient culture); the study of the interaction of tribes and nations in Eastern Europe and in the Baltic region, archeology and history of ancient Russia (Department of Slavonic and Finnish Archaeology). IHMC conducts extensive archaeological research in the European part of Russia, from Kola Peninsula in the north to the south of  Caucasus, as well as in Siberia and Tuva and takes part in the excavations in Ukraine, Moldova and the territory of the Central Asian states.

Projets de recherche/Research Projects :

– Изучение средневекового города балтийского региона — Ладоги-Альдейгьюборга [Study of the medieval city of the Baltic region – Staraya Ladoga-Aldeigjuborg]

–  Изучение средневекового Выборга [Study of medieval Vyborg]

– Рюриково Городище. Торгово-ремесленный и военно- административный центр Приильменья [Rurikovo Gorodische. A commercial, industrial, military and administrative center]

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